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Moving interstate is an easy process for Brisbane Interstate Removals. Providing customers with interstate moving services to Brisbane and moving services away from Brisbane in Queensland. Reliable, competent interstate movers with the industry knowledge and know to ensure an efficient interstate move.

What does it mean to move interstate?

Moving interstate generally means moving a long distance. Some people define it as moving from one state to another, but the actual definition of an interstate move is moving long distance across a boarder or even within the same state or territory. There are some people who consider an intrastate move a move within the same state or territory. We and many others who like to keep it simpler for you consider any move over 150km an interstate move. So, if you are considering moving from one city to another, this can be considered an interstate move and as such, we can provide a free interstate moving quote upon your request.

How much does it cost to move interstate?

Costs for moving interstate depend a few factors. How much furniture you want moved, where you want to move from and to, speciality items that may need to be considered, ground or upper levels of an apartment or building. All these things are considered when providing you with an accurate interstate moving quote. Brisbane Interstate Removals provide cheap interstate moving quotes that are both competitive and reliable. We are considered the best Brisbane moving company in Brisbane and Australia Wide.

What is the cheapest way to move interstate?

Moving furniture interstate in Australia can be a real hassle, the thought can put many people off! We want to assure you and put your mind at east when considering an interstate move. particularly if you are on a budget and or have a limited budget.

Families, couples, singles, students and pensioners can have a harder time moving because they lack the industry knowledge and knowhow. You have to physically fit to lift, load and secure furniture onto a truck. Lifting needs to be done the right way otherwise you can end up hurting yourself. Professional movers can do all the packing/unpacking, dismantling and assembling for you but this is generally an extra expense due to the time it will take. Fortunately, Brisbane Interstate Removals are here to help you understand what you can do to save on your move and make things cheaper for the overall moving experience.

1. Discard Old Items and Furniture

• Sometimes it’s better to just throw away old furniture and goods. When you have moved you can replace them with new belongings. While this may seen an extra expense. It won’t be if your furniture and or items are in need of replacement already.

2. Get Professional Removalists

• Many people don’t know this but getting a professional interstate removalist to move your furniture is cheaper than moving yourself. That is, if you need to take time off work which means taking holiday pay with no pay while you move yourself interstate which can take some time. Also, hiring your own truck comes with a lot of hidden costs. Such as trolley hire, tail lift, pads and even ties. As well as bond deposits and insurance coverage. And while you will receive your bond back, traveling long distances comes with risks of damaging the truck and or your own furniture as our roads can be quite bumpy.

3. Pack Yourself

• This is a simple yet effective one. Pack, label all your items into your own boxes, containers and more. Bare in mind that boxes are the best way to move items. There are a large number of different sizes boxes so choose wisely when packing into them.

How do I move Interstate?

Easy! The best and most efficient way to move interstate is with an interstate moving company like Brisbane Interstate Removals. We provide interstate moving services to Brisbane and interstate moves away from Brisbane in Queensland. A reliable and cost-effective method for moving long distances. Brisbane Interstate Removals transports furniture long distances to and from Brisbane in Queensland.

Brisbane Furniture Movers

Brisbane Furniture Movers

Moving all types of furniture interstate. Small to large amounts of furniture transported using professional removalists.

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Packing Services

Need packing services with your Brisbane interstate move? Brisbane Interstate Removals can provide all packing materials and packing services with any interstate moving quote.

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Long Distance Removals

Proven long distance removals using the best in furniture removalists. Trained removalists that handle all your brisbane moving needs!

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Free Moving Quotes

Request a free Brisbane interstate moving quote any time of the year. Brisbane Interstate Removals have dedicated interstate furniture removalists for Brisbane. Request a free quote today!

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What Our Customer Have Said

Scarlett Quintero

We moved to Brisbane using Brisbane Interstate Removals. We would like to thank everyone of the team who assisted with the move. The quote was reasonably prices and we were happy with the overall process.

Rowan Truong

Shout out to all the crew at Brisbane Interstate Removals. Great job done, we assisted with the unload and they assured us it was unnecessary. Great guys! Keep up the good work!

Marc Clarke

Moved interstate from Brisbane to Adelaide. Cheapest quote we could find and I was a little worried but after I saw my furniture being lifted and loaded carefully I had a good feeling and suffice to say, the entire move went smoothly. Great good!

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